Motiv Red Canvas CoolWick Bowling Hoodie


Step up your bowling game with this cool and comfortable Motiv Red Canvas CoolWick Bowling Hoodie! Designed, cut and sewn by hand, this hoodie is made to keep you warm and comfy. Whether you’re in it for sport or just looking to make a statement, add this stylish bowling hoodie to your wardrobe today!

Rushed production time means your hoodie will be rushed through production and shipped from our facility in the specified time frame chosen.

If adding the name to the back, the ball company logo will be removed from the back unless noted otherwise.

If no option is chosen, diagonal will be used.

If adding name on the back, select font style you would like. If no font is chosen, Brush Script will be used by default.

Optional Logo Placements

Please note that only 1 bowling ball company brand is available per hoodie. If you wish to use a custom logo, please email us at [email protected]. If you choose a logo placement for another ball company then what is used for the main logo will replace your choice.