CoolWick Welcomes Kennon McFalls To The CoolWick #BeCoolCrew

It is our pleasure to announce another new signing. This signee comes to us with an impressive youth resume. Most notably, his time on Jr Team USA. We welcome Kennon Mcfalls to the CoolWick family.

Kennon is one of the most accomplished youth bowlers of his era. He’s had success at the local, state, and national level. Among that success, Kennon has finished in the top 16 three times at Junior Gold (2017 Team USA member). Locally, Kennon all-but-dominated his competition.

He’s got 13 Tough Shot Titles, 8 TSR titles, 5 12 Bagger YBT titles, and was a record five time Tough Shot Bowler of the Year.

Beyond all of his bowling accomplishments, Kennon is, quite possibly, even more accomplished academically. He’s currently a college student, majoring in Government and Political Philosophy, with a minor in Pre-Law.

We at CoolWick try to sign players that are bigger than their bowling accomplishments, and in the case of Kennon, this is no exception. Welcome, Kennon — and, as always, stay “Cool!”

– Jr Team USA (2017)
– Gaston County Youth Hall of Fame
– 9 Tough Shots Tour Titles (4 BoY)
– 6 TSR Titles (1 BoY)
– 2 Top 10s at Junior Gold (U15)
– Top 16 at Junior Gold 2016 (U20)
– 1 YBT Title
– 3 800s, 5 300s

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