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CoolWick Welcomes Heather D’Errico To The CoolWick #BeCoolCrew

As I am sure most of you have seen, we have recently announced that we have become product registered on the PWBA tour for the upcoming season. This is a huge step for us as a company and as a brand. Given this major development, we’d like to also announce the signing of our first […]

Are You Working Your Muscles Or Your Mind – BowlFit Tips

We’ve been talking up how amazing a little exercise and being consistent can transform our bodies and health. But what about how it affects our minds? Sure, we can all read and learn about the benefits of exercise, but it’s often difficult to recognize the effects on physiological processes if you’re a beginner. One of […]

Having Poor Posture Can Lead to Imbalances and Especially Weaken Muscles and Joints – BowlFit Tips

One thing that coincides very well with postural practice is stretching and flexibility. If you’re constantly perform actions in ways that cause extra stress or resistance to your muscles and joints, you may cause those muscles to become “tighter” because they’re adapting to a stance or motion that isn’t regular for it’s normal range of […]

Strengthen Your Glutes – BowlFit Tips

Your gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in your body and SHOULD be the strongest. However, with age our glutes usually become weaker because they aren’t being used enough. As adults we aren’t running and jumping around outside being as active as we were as kids. If you’re a desk jockey all day chances are […]

I’ve Got Your Back – BowlFit Tips

It’s strange to think how little we focus on our entire back, upper through lower, when we consider a lifting routine. We all want bigger arms, tight abs, toned legs, and firm backsides. But what about the muscles that literally provide structure for you to do all of those other exercises? Strengthening the muscles in […]

Improving Thoracic Mobility – BowlFit Tips

When thinking about training for a sport the immediate thought goes to weight training and conditioning. The most overlooked and pertinent component to a training program is actually mobility – the ability to move your joints throughout their full range of motion. Improving mobility throughout your body can help improve the capability of your muscles […]

Winter Wonderland Workouts – BowlFit Tips

With winter here, there’s no doubt that getting out to the gym becomes more challenging both mentally and physically. Sometimes temperature, snow, wind, rain, hail, or whatever winter brings to your area, can prevent you from making it out to the gym on your most important day. Whether it’s strength training or cardio, there’s some […]