Katie Thornton Joins The CoolWick PWBA #BeCoolCrew

Today’s signing is bringing loads of experience with her. Both as a player and as a coach, Katie Thornton has seen it all. From her days bowling at Webber International to her current role as Head Bowling Coach at Savannah College of Art and Design, Katie knows bowling.

While at Webber, Thornton was a three-time National Champion (one NAIA, two ITC), a multi-time All-American, and the 2012-2013 NAIA Player of the Year.

After her collegiate days were done, Thornton went on to individual success as well. Thornton is a three-time Florida State Champion. And in 2015, her team broke the state record at Women’s State Tournament.

Katie is currently a PWBA member, where she bowls part-time around her busy coaching schedule. She has 9 PWBA cashes on her resume and plans on bowling several more events this year — time permitting.

Presently, Thornton’s primary role is as the Head Bowling Coach at SCAD. Thorton’s collegiate bowling experience made her the ideal candidate when the school announced it would be starting a program. Thanks to Thornton spearheading the program, the team has continued to grow at a pretty substantial rate — and we suspect this trend will continue going forward. Katie’s greatest asset as a coach — aside from her obvious bowling knowledge learned from her time working with Kegel’s finest — is her connection to her players. Thornton is a young, passionate, and experienced coach that her students can relate to, as she herself was in their shoes just a few short years ago.

We at CoolWick relate to her and her career equally. And the passion and experience that she will bring our team is immeasurable.

Welcome to the team, Katie!

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