Gazmine Mason Joins The CoolWick PWBA #BeCoolCrew


With today’s signing, we couldn’t be any prouder to welcome Gazmine Mason to the CoolWick family.

We could talk about Gazmine’s bowling resume all day. From National Championship in 2015 with Nebraska, four straight Collegiate National Championship TV appearances, and all of her other NCAA accomplishments, to her time on Jr Team USA, her ten international medals with Jr Team USA, including her three Gold Medals.

She can also proudly say that she was the first African-American bowling on Nebraska’s All-American wall and the first African-American to win Singles Gold at the World Youth Championships.

While those are impressive accomplishments on their own, Mason didn’t just rest on her laurels. No — instead, Mason used this as a platform to help and grow later generations.

And even though there is absolutely no doubting Mason’s incredible talents on the lanes, her resume off the lanes — quite frankly — shocked even us. She truly is an ambassador unlike many others her age.

She has used her success and her accomplishments as a platform to help others — especially the younger generation of girls. She founded Black Girls Can Bowl 2 (BGCB2), which, in her own words, is a forum specifically for African-American girls or anyone who feels like an outcast or a minority — to share their academic, athletic, or personal ideas comfortably without fear of judgement.

In addition to BGCB2 — which I personally find one of the more incredible movements in our sport today — Mason also founded Got Game, LLC ( in 2018 and established her own blog in 2018.

Mason has also used her notoriety and experience to give back to the youth, having become somewhat of a public speaker, trying to help guide tomorrow’s athlete down a path not dissimilar to her own. She has spoken on several separate occasions to both children and their parents regarding athletics and the sport of bowling.

We need more bowlers like Gazmine going forward, and we could not be happier to help her in whatever way we can going forward to get her good word out there and spearhead the next generation of not just youth bowler, but, also, youth athlete.

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